About United Way

The United Way exists in this community for a simple purpose. We are here to help make this a better community for everyone. It is our mission to make this a better community in which to live, to work, to raise your children, and in which to locate a business. From helping kids be all they can be, moving those from poverty to possibility, to building a stronger healthier community for all. Together we are possibility.

While our purpose is quite simple and straight forward, there is a great deal of effort and thought behind the implementation of this mandate. We are grateful to more than 700 volunteers who are at the core of what we do.

These volunteers help us to raise money from across a broad and diverse cross section of the community. Volunteers help us to review agencies and programs who will put the money to greatest use helping those least advantaged in our community. Volunteers sit in governance positions to provide fiduciary oversight to ensure that each and every dollar raised is not only invested back into the community, but is invested in the most effective and efficient fashion possible.

This comprises our covenant to our donors. We will provide an efficient mechanism by which well-intentioned and community spirited people may help those least advantaged in our community so that we may all benefit. We will support those programs which are of high priority, and wherever possible work to eliminate duplication of service and help to fill those gaps in the social services network as governments at all three levels wrestle with balancing their budgets.