Points4UnitedWay 2018 Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks you for your interest! We’ve tried to answer most of the potential questions, but if we’ve missed your question please call or contact us at: 905 436 7377 (ask for Robert or Jessica) or, send us an email: rhoward@unitedwaydr.com Thanks again.

1) How does it work:
Answer: 1. You register on the site
         2. You will be prompted to enter a minimum of $10 a month. (You can cancel at ANY time of your choosing).
         3. On the Thursday preceding the 28th day of each month (if the 28th fall on a weekend) during the  2018-19 regular season we will send you an email with the number of points which have been scored since the 28th day of the preceding month by Montreal Canadians drafted Allan McShane, Florida Panthers drafted Serron Noel and Kyle MacLean our Oshawa Generals "Scoring Amabassadors". (Hopefully they’ve had a good month.)
         4. You choose: You can go into your site and make your donation for that month equivalent to $1/point scored for that month, OR, leave your contribution for that month at your selected monthly minimum. (minimum of $10month) It is entirely your choice.
         5. The process repeats on the 28th day of each month for the remainder of the regular season.

2) Can I cancel at any time?  
Answer: Yes, At any time, you can enter your donation site and cancel your payment for that and ensuing months. You are in complete control.

3) What is this “Create a Team”?  
Answer: If you so choose, you may encourage family members or colleagues at work or teammates on a sport team etc., to join you on your Team to raise funds in the Points4UnitedWay challenge. When others join your team your group totals will be aggregated as a to promote your total impact.

4) Where does the money go? 
Answer: Every dollar (less credit card fees) will stay in Durham Region. Every dollar from the Points4UnitedWay program will be contributed in entirety to the United Way programs which contribute to battling poverty and its impacts in this community and to helping kids be all they can be. Your contribution(s) will help change the lives of many tens of thousands locally and in so doing will help to make this a more prosperous community for all.

5) Sounds good, but, can you be more specific?
Answer: Absolutely, battling poverty is a multi faceted issue and can involve a great deal. From nutritional support (food banks) to employment training and from seniors to kids programs, all are factors in helping to move people from poverty to possibility. Specifically, every dollar from our Points4UnitedWay program will support kids in Durham. Operation BackPack will share in the funds, dollars will be contributed to battle youth unemployment, and the third pillar is the provision of youth mentorship. In combination these three pillars will help to change the trajectory of life for youth in Durham.

6) Is my gift eligible for a charitable tax receipt?
Answer: Yes, you will be issued a tax receipt for the greater of the amount of your minimum monthly contribution or the points you’ve entered for that month.

We’re grateful to the Oshawa Generals for their partnership, and we’re grateful to all of our Points4UnitedWay donors for their investment in this community.